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Remote Kegerator

Several have asked me how to put a kegerator in the next room, downstairs, upstairs, etc. The immediate concern with this type of setup is keeping the beer cold from the keg to the beer tower or beer faucets. You will always be fighting foaming problems if you don't start with cold beer and you don't keep your beer cold from the fridge to the tap. This is because beer, especially warm beer, is very unstable & the CO2 breaks out very easy. There is commercial equipment available to keep beer cold from the keg room to the tap and the best are the glycol cooled systems, but these systems are outside of most homeowners budget.


An alternative is a forced air type system and one of these is relatively inexpensive to put together using 3" PVC pipe, insulation, food grade tubing for the beer lines and a small fan designed to cool a PC. When installed and running, the system will pull cold air in from your kegerator, under your tower or through the box containing your taps and then back around to your kegerator, keeping your beer cold all the way to your taps!


This system will work with homebrew or draft beer.


To run remotely from the kegerator, you need to run a loop of 3" PVC pipe (drain line) from the fridge, out to your tower or taps and then back to the fridge.

Then you need to insulate the entire run - the pipes can run side by side & insulated together to save insulation & space.

A tee & short stub needs to be installed under the beer tower or if you are installing taps on you wall, a box measuring 3" X 4" X whatever length you need needs to be placed inside the wall behind the taps.

Then one 3" line plugs into one side & the other 3" line plugs into the other side.

The stub or box also needs to be insulated.

You also need to install a small square fan, designed to cool the inside of a PC in front of one of the pipe ends.

The fan needs to blow air into the kegerator.

You'll power the fan with a 12VDC power supply from Wal-Mart or Radio Shack.

The final step is to run your beer lines through the pipe without the fan & hook everything up.


The link below will open up a basic drawing for one of these systems.



Tom Hargrave






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