Homebrew kegging and draft beer tapping equipment including aluminum CO2 tanks, CO2 regulators, quick disconnects, Cornelius kegs, beer taps, pony taps, beer hardware, hoses and fittings.

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Local Store "Walk-in" Hours


We primaraly manufacture for our distributor and we sell on Amazon.com and we do not have regular walk-in hours, but we like to support local customers as much as possible. There is someone at the shop most evenings and almost every Saturday morning.


Please send an email to thargrav@hiwaay.net to verify someone's at the shop before stopping by!!!



Directions Heading South:

Drive South on Memorial Parkway, past the South Parkway Super Wal-Mart. Stay in left lane

Drive past Burger King & then an oil change place

Turn left into South East Plaza

We are in the back row, left stairwell, upstairs


Map of 12021 Memorial Pkwy Sw
Huntsville, AL 35803-3327, US



Directions from Tennessee River or Hobs Island Rd:

Drive North on Memorial Parkway, past KC's Motor Sports (motorcycle shop)

Stay in right lane

Drive past Church on the right

Immediately turn right into South East Plaza

We are in the back row, left stairwell, upstairs


This site is owned and operated by Tom Hargrave Sales
12021 South Memorial Parkway, Suite N-4
Huntsville, AL  35803